Monday, April 12, 2010

Over the river and through the woods here comes exciting news

Hello Loves!

This afternoon I set off to the park to go run on the trail. I figured no cars, and having to worry about getting hit... perfect.

I left with a little bit of inspiration courtsey of my Inperspire Towel! If you do not have one you should look into getting one of their sweat towels... amazing, and it!

I packed a banana in case I started to cramp. I didn't want the cramp to ruin my positive attitude and Monday mindset! In order for my banana to not get smashed to disgusting pieces I used my Banana Guard. Honestly I don't know how I survived college without this. Just throw it in my bag and go. No fuss no mess, and a delish banana when I want it... fabulous!

I walked near the train tracks for awhile... figured no train would come... there were multiple trees over the tracks.

While I was walking and running I came across this sign! Challenge? Perhaps. Since the positive mindset was here I decided I would try the 5k trail and time myself just for fun.

The trail took me over a couple bridges and through the woods and I completed it in...

22 minutes!!!!!!!!

I don't know if this is good or bad, but I felt accomplished! I didn't cramp up and after my run I headed home... chugged down some water and had my banana. I think that I have FINALLY showed myself that I can do it... and I am so worth it!

My two favorite workout inspirations! I would love to have Reese's body

or Cheryl's, but I would also love to have her moves!

Song suggestions wanted! I need a fun playlist for running... any favorite songs you have? Let me know

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