Monday, April 12, 2010

Beauty Secrets

Some of you have asked about beauty tips and tricks. Basically you want to know my secrets... well here are some of my beauty "secrets"!

• Invest
If you want to look drop dead gorgeous you need to think about something you wear everyday... your hair!!! You want to make sure that you go to a good quality hair place and invest some money. Get a deep conditioning treatment and your hair flat ironed out. A nice haircut never hurt anyone...budgets are tight, but you wear your hair everyday rain or shine you want to look good don't you?

• Time to spoon!
Tired eyes? Keep two spoons in the freezer and when your eyes need a pick me up rest the spoon over your closed is an instant "ahhhh" moment!

• Condition

When it comes to conditioner you only need less than the size of a raspberry (a small one not one on pesticide steroids!) After you shampoo your hair and rinse out the soap add some conditioner to your hair. Don't rinse it out right away continue to clean yourself... shave what have you. When you are all finished rinse the conditioner out of your hair and you'll have silky smooth hair!

• Pesky Pimple?
While at home, put a Band-Aid over a monstrous pimple to calm the temptation to pop it...Neosporin works wonders for making the pimple go down! :]

• Bright and Shiny
Try a hot wet towel on your face before washing it.... get it wet and heat it up in the microwave with a glass of water in the microwave for 20-30 seconds. Hot towels open up all your pores so when you wash your face you can get all the grime out from the day. Watch your skin radiate in the morning with it's new found glow!

• Dryer Sheets
Flyaways, frizzy hair... it's enough to make your day start off horrible. I have a simple fix for you that's already laying around your house. Dryer Sheets! A simple once-over with a dryer sheet will tame your hair, make it soft and have your hair smelling fab in seconds!

• Kissable Lips
If you want to make your lipstick or lip gloss last all day long you have to scrub your lips first! I love "The Natural Lip Scrub" they have fabulous flavors and leave my lips feeling hydrated and rejuvenated. Rub some lip scrub over your lips...wipe off excess sugar and apply your lip stain. Fabulously lasting lips all day!

• Refrigerator

During the warmer months I chill my body lotion in the refrigerator. It feel great on my skin after a hot shower or bath or if I have just come from out in the sun. Body Lotion chilled body lotions feel wonderful on the skin after a hot bath or shower. (During the colder months I leave my body lotion by the heater)

Do you have any "secret" beauty tips you want to share with us?

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